Materia Medica

Welcome to my Materia Medica, a place where I am going to store all of the digitalised information about herbs that I've collected and will happily share with you.

I intend to create PDF's to go with each page of my Materia Medica that you will be able to download and print so you've always got the information on hand. I know we're all concerned about the environment and wanting to print less but I do recommend, in the interest of preparedness, that you print these pages so if for some reason you don't have access to the internet or the power grid goes down, you still have access to this invaluable information.

Keep in mind that I will be constantly adding to the collection and updating the pages as I find new information about different herbs. I will add the date that each was last updated as I go. This will allow you to come back from time to time and update your print offs if needed. It's best to have some basic information at hand than none at all, so don't let updates be something that gets in your way.

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